Do You Need to Change Your Passwords? The Worst of 2012

Tech website Memeburn recently released a list of the 25 Worst Passwords of 2012.

While some of you may be pondering how dumb someone would have to be to make their password – well – “password,” others are probably nodding in shamefaced understanding. The fact is that no matter how unintelligent these choices are, people are still making them…a lot of people. And it’s not because they actually believe them to be beneficial.

Using one of the passwords above allows for an ease that can’t be accomplished with a secure password. We sacrifice quality for efficiency, preferring to choose letter combinations that are simple to remember and simple to type. Let’s all say it together: “Guilty!”

But the truth is, this can get us all into a lot of trouble. Breaches in security on regularly-visited websites are all too common and all of a sudden the fact that you know how to count (“123456″) has caused a hacker to have access to your personal files, and in some cases, use it for identity theft. It’s almost surprising that there aren’t millions of Zooey Deschanels running around. (I may or may not be a big fan of “New Girl.”)

Jokes aside, this is a serious issue and we should all educate ourselves on taking the right steps towards Practicing Safe Sharing. Check out numbers 3 and 6 on our 7 Quick Tips to Protect Yourself Before You Connect Yourself for some hints, including keeping a handy list of all your passwords and this nifty graphic:

Get to work changing those passwords and leave “abc123″ behind! We’re better than that! And hopefully the worst password they can put on this list next year is something like “tie bridge llama brain.”

(You’re trying to imagine it, aren’t you?)

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