Friday 22 August 2014
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Connect to LinkedIn from Sgrouples


Sgrouples has updated its service to integrate with LinkedIn along with Facebook and Twitter. Users can now see their LinkedIn newsfeed from within Sgrouples, making it easier than ever to share, re-post and reply to co-workers and business partners.

For inexperienced users, using Linkedin from the Sgrouples platform is easy. Simply login, click the “+ social networks” button on the left hand column and grant your permission for Sgrouples to access your LinkedIn account. From there, users have access to their LinkedIn newsfeed and can manage their updates, likes and comments from right within Sgrouples.

Want to integrate Facebook or Twitter to your Sgrouples account? Just follow the same directions as stated above and allow access to your other social networks. This way, you can follow all your friends, family, co-workers, business partners and other people important in your life from within the Sgrouples network.

Sgrouples is the world’s private social network. It replicates the way we are social in real life. That means sharing directly and discretely with your close connections in one simple place. You can get started at our sign-in page.

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