Friday 1 August 2014
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Should Have Used Sgrouples: Fired for Facebook

A reader of the Anchorage Daily News recently submitted a question asking advice columnist, Lynne Curry if legal action could be taken against an employer for terminating her based off of a Facebook post. Her boss had created a fake Facebook account and added her as a friend, presumably to spy, and had seen the post where she called her “a world class witch”. Would that be considered illegal spying, and could it be eligible for judicial proceedings?

Unfortunately, no. As Lynne Curry points out, “Employees who complain on the public forum Facebook don’t have protected speech. Employers have the right to say, ‘We don’t like what you’ve said and don’t want to keep paying someone who acts out like this.’”

Sgrouples offers you the opportunity to share in private without fear of retribution from your employer. Post without worrying about it getting back to your boss.

Another incident in the continuing saga of “Should Have used Sgrouples.” Why take that risk?

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