Saturday 23 August 2014
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7 Gifts for Social Media Lovers This Holiday Season

We all know them. And chances are if you’re reading this blog you are one of them. Social media lovers are all around us these days. So what do you get someone who spends hours and hours staring at a computer screen?…Besides an even bigger computer screen…

Lucky for you, Sgrouples is on your side! We have 7 suggestions for you so hurry on up and read them – the holidays are fast upon us.

1. The Long Lasting Option

Domain NameTheir Own Domain Name

Everyone would like to have a place on the web that they can call “their own.” A site that they can send to potential employers to showcase themselves, send to friends and family to show what they’re up to, or even on which they can blog to the world.

Chances are your social media lover would ideally want this address to be their But some who have their own businesses may be in need of Either way, you might have to get creative since there can only be one of each in the universe. But this website will definitely be something your friend or family member will use for the rest of their life.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

You can buy domain names from and their costs may differ. In my experience you may be in for anywhere between $1o and $30.

2. The Free Option

SgrouplesSgrouples Account

Of course, everyone’s on a budget these years. So what better than an amazing and free service? Point your social media lover in the direction of Sgrouples for some private groups!

This really should be called “The Protective Option” because sending them to a social networking site built on privacy is the equivalent of buying them their own personal social media bodyguard. And if they haven’t heard of Sgrouples yet, you’re also doing them a huge favor getting them in on a cutting age site at its early stages. There’s definitely a cool factor there.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

Send them a personalized card explaining what “” can do for them, or even invite them directly from your own account, adding a message. And do I really have to say it again?…It’s FREE, people! What are you waiting for?

3. The Gag Gift Option

Facebook Shower CurtainFacebook Shower Curtain

So say either you or your social media lover is a comedian…Or perhaps they’re just in need of some bathroom décor. Everyone needs a little humor in their life! This shower curtain should do the trick.

While we at Sgrouples would laugh at the irony of Facebook “protecting” your private parts, it’s also pretty fun to imagine the conversations your shower may have with this faux account. And you can even stick your own head into the place held by the profile picture!

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

This item is available on for the small fee of $21.99.

4. The “Paper Still Exists?” Option

Social Media BookAny Book About Social Media

Chances are you may have to explain to your social media lover exactly what they’re staring at when they open this one. But it’s good for all of us to get a little paper back in our hands every once-in-a-while.

There are plenty of amazing and helpful books on social media out there. Whether you’re thinking beginners’ guides, expert tips, comedy, or coffee table…You’ll be able to find something perfect.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

Feel free to visit your local Barnes and Noble, or just consult this list of Must-Read Social Media Books from Mashable. We also love this book you can compile of Instagram photos for the artist in your life. And like a domain name, these will probably set you back between $10 and $30.

5. The Fashionable Option

Twitter Handle NecklaceTwitter Handle or Hashtag Jewelry

“@” and “#” symbols are a part of your social media lover’s general vocabulary, so it would be no surprise to see them on his or her neck.

Whether you want to give them one of these necklaces to add some bling to their life, or just to help them promote themselves, there’s a big chance they will love the personalized look. With different fonts and metals, you can find just the right piece of jewelry.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

It seems several Twitter-specialist jewelery makers have graced the scene…We like this website called Survival of the Hippest with tons of options for $60 or $70.

6. The Practical Option

HeadshotsSocial Media Headshots

On how many different sites do we all have our images nowadays? Let me count all of my social media profiles…Or we can just get to the point and say that it’s a lot.

So if your social media lover wants to look professional – or even just look good – professional headshots can go a long way. These can be plastered all over their different online presences for a clean and consistent look. And they might possibly keep someone from making a poor profile decision in the future.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

This is going to be different depending on where in the country your social media lover is located. I would suggest Googling “Professional Headshots (Name of City)” to get your search started. And headshots are probably the most expensive item on this list…Unless you have a friend in the business, you may be spending up to $200. Of course, there are cheaper options and a lot of it depends on the status of the photographer and the amount of time for which you hire them.

7. The Mobile Option

Phone/WalletPhone Case/Wallet

Your social media lover probably spends a good amount of time on the go. I, personally, know some people who strictly use mobile apps and sites. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to have all of their small personal items bundled into one package?

Men and women everywhere are starting to use the sensation that is a phone case and a wallet combined. They come in all shapes and sizes for both iPhones and Androids.

Where can I find this? How much will it cost me?

These are popping up in tons of stores – basically anywhere you can find a normal wallet. Or you can check out this list of iPhone wallets. (Sorry Android friends! I couldn’t find a list for you, but your wallet does exist.) The better options are going to be $30-$45. But if you really want to drop some dough, you could look for something designer.

Now that we’re done, you’re wanting some of these for yourself, aren’t you? Well just remember that it is the season of giving…But if one of these gifts accidentally makes its way to your own stocking, we won’t blame you!

Happy gifting, Sgrouples readers! For more social media holiday tips, check some of our other recent blog posts:

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