Saturday 2 August 2014
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How To Manage Multiple Email Addresses

We all have multiple channels of communication that we use on a daily basis…So what if someone sends a Sgrouples invite to one email address, and you want to use another?

Well, Sgrouples gives you the ability to manage multiple email addresses!

In this post, you will learn about the following:

Accessing “Manage Your Email Addresses”

Adding an Email Address

Accessing “Manage Your Email Addresses”

Simply click on the “My Account” button in the upper-right hand corner of your account to find the “Manage Your Email Addresses” button.

Click on that button, and you can add up to five with which you can connect and log in to your account!

My Account

Adding an Email Address

Type the email address and click “Add.”

Manage Multiple Email Addresses

You should automatically receive an email at that address with a link that you can click and confirm that the address belongs to you. Or you can click “Validate” if your email hasn’t arrived. You have up to 7 days to validate your address before it stops working.

You can also remove an address with the “Remove” button.

Once your email has been validated, you can choose which address you want to “Make Primary.” This means that notifications and email updates from Sgrouples (“Sgrouples News”) will be sent to this account.

Sgrouples is always working to make your life easier and more convenient!