Saturday 23 August 2014
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Use Sgrouples for Your New Year's

New Years EveAs we all play with our new toys, look back on 2012, and look forward to a festive night of fun, remember that Sgrouples is the perfect vehicle for all of your celebrations!

The last night of the year is one of the biggest for parties and Sgrouples is the perfect platform. Create a private group for any of your shindigs and invite all of your guests. You can then put the event on everyone’s calendar, post about the details, link to fun pages, and upload documents (such as invitations or flyers). And as for photos – everyone can post them after the party or during the party by emailing them to the group’s specified email address.

The best part is that everything is completely unsearchable and “unviewable” to anyone on the outside. Your Sgrouples group is not tracked or profiled and only the members have access to what goes on inside. The embarrassing picture of you and that bottle of champagne won’t end up on Google images! And you can tell all of your friends about the crazy night you had without your family seeing…After all, New Year’s is the time when indiscretions are almost the norm. So relax and have fun after all of the hard work you’ve done this year knowing that Sgrouples is here to uphold your online reputation. And will be in 2013. :)

Check out our post on Sgrouples for Parties to learn more!

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