Friday 22 August 2014
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Practice Safe Sharing

Ok, class. When a man and woman really like each other…they might choose to connect online. But we all know there are risks to *ahem* exposing oneself to the large and all-encompassing World Wide Web.

The following dangers (and much more) may lurk behind any URL.

And in addition to all this, there are the many – um – viruses your apparatus could contract from unsafe sites.

So how do we deal with this? Well, yes. Abstinence from the Internet would sure help…But in this day and age it’s kind of hard to resist the need and the urge to, shall we say, get it on(line). Am I right? Instead, let’s focus on performing these acts in a protected manner. Slip on that virtual condom and “Practice Safe Sharing” with us here at Sgrouples!

When browsing, and especially when using social media platforms, make sure you follow our 10 Quick Tips to Prevent Oversharing and Protect Your Online Identity. Avoid the complications involved in the giving away of your personal information through deleting your information from databases. And educate yourself on possible predators.

All the while, know that sharing on Sgrouples is always safe sharing. So let loose! Have fun! But do it responsibly or I’ll have to pull out that banana and demonstrate all over again. Class dismissed.

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