Friday 22 August 2014
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Sgrouples CEO Featured in USA TODAY

USA TODAY featured Sgrouples CEO Mark Weinstein this week in his guest essay, “How Facebook Gets Rich Leveraging Personas.”


The fascinating article is Weinstein’s first for this prestigious national media outlet. Mark explains how and why Facebook is expanding its efforts to collect, analyze and exploit personal information, while he illuminates the Sci-Fi reality of Facebook’s secretive initiative into Artificial Intelligence. Click to Read the Full Article Here.

Facebook uses marketing tools such as Graph Search and Posts Search to access every shared piece of Facebook content from you while analyzing all unstructured text that people have ever made on the site. And with their recent acquisition of Mobile Technologies, Facebook intends to explore AI, something that could further understand you and your spending habits through machine translation and speech recognition. But what does all of this have to do with optimizing the user experience? Very little.

Weinstein discusses the rise of a new safe social media alternative to Facebook and Google+. Sgrouples challenges the status quo by making privacy, respect and safety the foundations of a beautifully designed, easy to use social experience with your real life circles and communities.

Sgrouples New FTUE (First Time User Experience) - Up To 8GB Free!   

Sgrouples has launched its exciting new FTUE (First Time User Experience)! Taking a page from DropBox, the company gives new (and existing) members an exciting way to easily accumulate up to 8GB of free storage. The new FTUE simplifies the “Getting Started” process for new Sgrouples members, and holds their hands through a few core functions of the remarkable platform.

Newly registered Sgrouples members are immediately taken to a brand new “Getting Started” page which offers separate 250MB bonuses for creating a new group or two, adding new contacts, connecting to a social network (optional), and building your profile. Each of these selections walks new members through a few simple steps, and completing all 4 unlocks a “Special Bonus.”

What is that “Special Bonus”? An additional 5GB of free storage space for having up to 50 people in your life join you at Sgrouples, 100MB added for every person you invite who joins!

In all, we now offer up to 8GB of free storage to our special members, and it looks like this: 2GB free for joining; an additional 1GB for completing the Getting Started selections; and then 5GB for adding 50 contacts who join. 8GB is plenty for all your sharing: pictures, videos and documents!  And of course, we offer great values with storage options up to 500GB if you want to expand your use of Sgrouples, too. So start exploring today.

And, just in case you were a member prior to the change, you have your 4GB Free, just like before, with up to 8GB, too!

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