Wednesday 20 August 2014
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Sgrouples CEO Talks Online Privacy, NSA Spying at Important Debate

On June 8, Sgrouples CEO Mark Weinstein participated in an important privacy debate, moderated by NYU Professor and privacy expert Arthur Miller. The debate “What’s the Right Balance of Public and Private in a World of Big Data and Internet Superpowers?” offered insights on balancing technology and privacy in a world where our lives are chronicled online, in job applications, and just about everywhere.

Mark made several key points as he highlighted the importance of restoring privacy to its previously hallowed place in democracy. He mentioned the stark contrast of the past “when we looked at communism, fascism, and authoritarianism and their privacy intrusions as an affront to civilization. And now technology is making privacy an endangered species in democracies, and that is wrong and dangerous.”

Weinstein Keynote to Teens: Pursue Your Dreams

Mark took the stage Friday, June 14, as a keynote speaker at the 2013 Youth Conference entitled “Dream It, Live It” at the San Jose City Hall. He spoke to approximately 300 awesome teens (ages 14-20) about living their dreams, while also excerpting important thoughts from his award-winning Habitually Great book series. Weinstein shared his vision about social networking fifteen years ago when he built and and his new creation of the privacy-centric social media site Sgrouples, despite the naysayers who did not have the foresight to recognize that the issue of privacy would re-emerge for people around the world.

The 6th annual Youth Commission intends to motivate and empower teenagers to actively pursue their dreams in business and life, and provides them with an excellent structure for learning how to be engaged in their communities along with giving them access to business and government leaders. Teens of all different backgrounds come to participate in discussions, workshops and debates that have a direct impact on their futures.

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