Thursday 31 July 2014
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Sgrouples for…

Sgrouples truly is the ultimate collaboration tool for your parties, projects, and friends.

And our Sgrouples For section exists to help you optimize your account and use it to your personal benefit. On any page in the Sgrouples blog, move your cursor over the words “Sgrouples for…” in the main menu and select the use case that peaks your curiosity from the drop down menu. You will be prompted with an in depth description of the values and features present in Sgrouples that help contribute to that specific faction of a person’s life. And you might even read a testimonial.

So let us be your guide. And happy Sgrouple-ing!

Sgrouples for Friends

Sgrouples for Parties

Sgrouples for Group Projects

Sgrouples for Greek Life

Sgrouples for Athletes & Sports Teams

Sgrouples for Family

Sgrouples for Parents

Sgrouples for Homeschooling

Sgrouples for Your Organization’s Intranet

Sgrouples for Small Businesses & Non Profits

Sgrouples for Professional vs. Personal Lives

Sgrouples for Support Groups