Thursday 24 July 2014
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Sgrouples for Your Organization's Intranet

Looking for a way to run your organization online? Want an easy solution to keeping an organized stream of communication and collaboration?…Sgrouples has many elements built into its design that are perfect for you. And the best part is – it’s free! No high licensing or hosting fees.

There are plenty of benefits to using Sgrouples as your organization’s intranet.

Through private groups and numerous premiere features, you can communicate with your team.


With complete privacy, no one from other Sgrouples groups can see into yours. Our networks are invite only! But even more importantly, we don’t share your data with anyone and we don’t track or profile you or your team.

You also have an unprecedented level of control with Sgrouples. You are in charge of who can join your Sgrouples groups and what they can do. If you would like, allow some people the ability to post while others can simply view your content. Or even have team members create separate Sgrouples groups solely for the purpose of projects that they’re working on.

In a tab called “My Cloud,” we offer 4 gigabytes of free space to store everything you post.

Direct Messaging allows you to contact one or more of your team members in a private thread for when you don’t want to discuss something with the entire team.

Your What’s New feed is an all in one dashboard where you can manage all of your Sgrouples groups and post to any and all.

And your Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook are also nearby. No more running around the web to post the same thing over and over!

Your Events Calendar will keep everyone up to date with work schedules, meetings, etc. You can add events to your company’s group calendar for all of your team to see. Have multiple organizations? In My Cloud, take a look at events from all of your private Sgrouples groups and even your Facebook account! It’s easy to view your calendar complete with schedules from each of your networks if need be.

With Editable Documents you can to upload and edit documents with your team. Share information about updated policies, situations that have occurred, stock and supply needs, etc. And edit in real time, knowing who is making changes due to the document’s color coding feature.

And with Discussions, we have a great place to share links from other websites. Post that video you’ve been wanting to show everyone, alert your staff to a great article with success tips…This is the place to share and discuss.

So create an account and see firsthand what Sgrouples can do for your organization. We’ll be happy to show you how easy it is to use Sgrouples as your intranet.

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