Wednesday 23 July 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 11/4: Sgrouples Named in Top Five of AngelLists’ Buzziest Startups

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In her research for AngelList, Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill ranked Sgrouples among the “Top Five Buzziest Silicon Valley/San Francisco  Start-Ups” in September. Morrill ranked companies based on five indicators: website traffic, mobile downloads, inbound links from other sites, Twitter followers, Facebook page likes and LinkedIn followers. She discovered that Sgrouples was one of the top performers!

“The most important thing that we are measuring is whether the start-ups are gaining mindshare,” Morrill told Bizjournals. We trust that investors will use this to find interesting companies and then contact them to get the financial information.”

Out of hundreds if not thousands of start-ups on AngelList, Sgrouples comes in strongly at fifth on her list with 611 points. You can read the full rankings here.

Sgrouples CEO on HuffPost: Who Protects Our Kids, Facebook and Google? 

Sgrouples CEO Mark Weinstein took to Huffington Post last week to inform people on where they can stay safe online and where they can’t in his eye-opening article entitled “Who Protects Our Kids, Facebook and Google?

Weinstein first urges us to take action against cyberbullies and online stalkers, not just during October — the official month of bullying prevention and awareness — but every day of the year. He notes that about 50 percent of people between the ages of 14 and 24 suffer some form of electronic harassment, a sobering number that demands attention and a steadfast plan to combat it.

Unfortunately, big social media companies like Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp and SnapChat are not the answers. Weinstein notes that Facebook has countlessly changed its privacy settings, including recently mandating that all members have public profiles and not be able to hide them. Google+ isn’t much better. The search giant allows its users to take part in asymmetric relationships, which lets people follow and interact with you without your knowing them. And finally, popular teen sites like WhatsApp have hacking vulnerabilities and SnapChat can’t guarantee your photos and videos will erase forever.

But Weinstein does note that there are ways we can stay safe online while still being connected to our close friends and family. First, we can teach our children and ourselves about how to be responsible online citizens. And second, we can inform everyone about privacy-centric sites like Sgrouples, which nixes everything from tracking cookies to “friend of friends” peering, and many other safety measures, to put your privacy first.

Sgrouples in the News  

In the past two weeks, Sgrouples has received more excellent press coverage, this time in TechNewsWorld and Article 3.

“Companies such as Sgrouples or the private search engine DuckDuckGo are sending a message to social media monoliths the world over that if you pay heed to public sentiment for privacy within social media, you can carve out the next great niche in online technology,” states Marc Freeman of Article 3.

Meanwhile, TechNewsWorld’s Richard Adhikari interviewed Sgrouples CEO Mark Weinstein about just how Facebook’s privacy policy on teenagers rings hollow.

“What Facebook has done is classic bait and switch — fake the public into thinking they’ve added more privacy when in fact they’ve taken a whole layer away and put teenagers at greater risk for cyberbullying,” Weinstein said.

Both press mentions signal a continuing shift in public sentiment over online privacy and how Sgrouples is bringing it to the forefront.

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