Saturday 23 August 2014
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Sgrouples’ New Getting Started Page – Getting Started is Easy

Sgrouples’  New Getting Started Page makes it even easier to set up your Sgrouples account!

At Sgrouples, we’re committed to making your life online as simple as possible. The Getting Started Page gives all our new users a step-by-step walk through that makes it easy to create your account and take full advantage of all the benefits of private social networking.


Getting Started is Easy! Getting Started 1

1. Start with Creating Your Profile

You can start by uploading a profile picture and then you have the the ability to customize your appearance in different groups.

Next you can create your profile description. Write a brief statement about YOU to share with your contacts. This could be your favorite quotes, hobbies, or a description about who you are. Be Creative!

Getting Started 2

2) Create Your Inner Circles – Protect Your Relationships

Sgrouples makes it easy to create groups to interact privately, have discussions,  share pictures and more. You can organize your groups by Friends, Family, and Co-Workers to share with each group separately.

getting started 3

3) Invite Your Contacts

Now the fun part! Invite your contacts to join you at Sgrouples. You can send them a direct message through Sgrouples invite them from Facebook and your online address books.

getting started 4

At Sgrouples, we’re always trying to improve the experience of our users while providing them with maximum control over their personal information. We hope you love the changes!

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