Friday 22 August 2014
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SNL Agrees With Sgrouples on Petraeus Scandal

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured a lot of content on the same subject. And with so many people talking about it, how could they not – ahem – poke fun.

In this clip from their “Weekend Update” segment, the hilarious Seth Meyers dishes out the winners and losers of the Petraeus affair. Note our favorite:

“Loser – People trying to have affairs in the digital age. News flash: You can’t get away with it. The head of the CIA couldn’t get away with it.”

Read Sgrouples’ recent post that begs the question: “If the head of the CIA isn’t safe from hacking, then who is?” And use our platform to protect yourself from online dangers.

For more SNL fun on the subject, be sure to check out these clips as well:

Paula Broadwell reads an excerpt from her Petraeus biography.

CNN’s: The Situation Room asks, “Who is Jill Kelley?”

Petraeus stories dominate in this week’s “Weekend Update Favorites.”

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