Wednesday 27 August 2014
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How Sgrouples Fits Into The Social Media Hall of Fame

This week, baseball writers across America sent in their votes to elect 2013′s class of Hall of Famers. And the lucky few to go down in baseball lore were…

No one.

In a strange twist, no one was elected to the Hall of Fame for the first time since 1996. And many attribute this to voters being divided by their views on the steroid era.

So, as baseball fans considered the consequences of past trends, I decided to elect my own Hall of Fame based on present trends: social media.

2012 saw some record breaking, and frankly amazing, social media feats. And for that, the following people and networks will always be in my Social Media Hall of Fame. See what honor Sgrouples takes home and find out which celeb is most popular, which tweet covered the most ground, which video was most watched, and what network is quickest to respond to user’s desires.

Most Popular Social Media Celebrity – Justin Bieber

Is it really any surprise that the Biebs takes home this one? The kid sensation got his start on YouTube, after all.

According to Mashable, Bieber has a whopping 31,458,839 Twitter followers and 48,942,702 fans on Facebook. Not to mention the fact that he has been proven to get the most engagement from his followers and fans. He’s trending constantly, and has (appropriately) more YouTube views than anyone else on Mashable’s list.

Justin Bieber

Most Retweets of All Time -  President Barack Obama

It’s no surprise that maybe the most powerful man in the world is also one of the head honchos on Twitter.

The NY Daily News reported that Obama’s tweet on election night 2012, simply stating “Four More Years” was the most retweeted piece of content ever. 810,000 times to be precise. The words were accompanied by a picture of he and wife, Michelle, in an embrace.

Obama's Tweet

Most Watched YouTube Video – “Gangnam Style”

Don’t pretend that just reading the words doesn’t have the song stuck in your head…You’re dancing now, aren’t you?

Korean Pop Star, Psy, broke onto American consciousness this past year with his catchy video, “Gangnam Style” and all I can say is watch out, Bieber! While Justin may have the most views of top celebrities, Psy has the most views ever with over 1 billion views.

Psy Gangnam Style

The Quickest Responder – Instagram

You probably all know the incident I’m about to cite…Instagram’s privacy policy goof.

Mere hours after the public expressed their outrage, the photo-sharing app posted on their blog and basically took it all back. While we’re still not sure what exactly will become of their policy, the company certainly deserves to be recognized for the immediacy of their reaction and the fact that yes, they were listening.

Instagram Blog Post

World’s First Private Social Network – Sgrouples

Once upon a time, the words “Private Social Network” were just an oxymoron. And then along came Sgrouples.

The new social media site is so groundbreaking that it will most certainly go down in Hall of Fame history. With private groups and an easy-to-read Privacy Bill of Rights, this is the network that people will be talking about for years to come. Check it out and register today! You wouldn’t want to be behind the curve :)

Worl'd Private Social Network

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