Friday 22 August 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 1/28: Facebook to Kill Cookie?, Women Arrested for Fake Profile, Teacher's Incriminating Post, Facebook Flops, and Facewash

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How ex-targeted-social media revenge got a woman arrested, how innocent duct tape photo put a teacher’s job in jeopardy, how Facebook plans to kill the cookie, Facebook’s 10 other failed plans, and a new way to scrub your Facebook profile before potential employers or admission catch any red flags are among the five top stories from the past week. Read on to find articles and summaries of each!

1. Facebook Revealed A Plan To Kill The Tracking Cookie, 1/26/13

Cookie MonsterFacebook product manager David Baser gave a nice, detailed interview to AdExchanger in which he revealed that Facebook has a plan that, if successful, will make the infamous tracking cookie look like a second class relic of history.”

“(Cookies) don’t identify users specifically, but they do identify your interests based on the sites you look at. Facebook, however, is working on something much more targeted.” Baser explains how Facebook’s new “Optimized CPM” will change how Facebook manages ad targeting will make the cookie as obsolete as Friendster.

2. Woman Makes Fake Profile for Ex, Calls Him Wayne Syphilis, Gets Arrested, 1/25/13

One man learned recently that public social networks can be used as a weapon to get back at people as demonstrated by his crazy ex who tried to get back at him by making a loud public Facebook profile giving him the identity of Wayne Syphilis. “As you may expect, the posts coming from Wayne Syphilis’ account suggested that he suffered from all sorts of STDS.” Some posts also suggested that he loved to do all sorts of gross things, according to police. Unfortunately for all of us, but fortunately for him, the profile has been deleted.

“Police became involved in the case when Wayne reported the page, claiming that he was pretty confident that he knew who was behind it. Police subpoenaed the ISP for the IP address, and traced the fake Facebook page of Wayne Syphilis back to the jilted woman.”

3. Teacher Posted Facebook Photo of Students With Duct Tape, 1/23/13

Middle-school teacher, Melissa Cairns.

The recent Facebook post gone awry story to catch GMA’s eye is the story of Melissa Cairns, a middle school math teacher at Buchtel Community Learning Center, who posted a photo of one of her students with duct tape on their mouth with a fun caption that read: “Finally found a way to keep them quiet!!!” This post has suddenly put her job in jeopardy as a whistleblower alerted the principal who has place Cairns on unpaid administrated. You can read our post on the story here.

4. Facebook’s 10 Biggest Flops So Far, 1/22/13

Yes Facebook recently launched Graph Search, but do you remember all of the other expanded service launches Facebook has tried to nudge out growing competitors? ReadWriteWeb does as they give a quick overview of the half-finished products that Facebook has excitedly launched, yet never struck a chord with users with.

5. Find the Facebook posts you want hidden or deleted with Facewash, 1/23/13

And a new Facebook app called Facewash launched to help give your profile a professional gleam.

“Once you’ve given the app permission to your Facebook profile, it scans your wall; photos that you’ve been tagged in; photos you’ve published; links, Facebook Pages, and photos that you’ve liked; and your status updates. And if there’s anything Facewash is concerned about, the offending content is surfaced and linked to. You must then go into each post you want to change, and adjust the privacy settings, or delete the post entirely. If nothing seems out of sorts, Facewash will let you know.”

The app will only scan for textual context of posts and won’t scan for photos, but it’s a nice start to cleaning up messes made on Facebook.

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