Wednesday 23 July 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 11/19: Petraeus Scandal, Facebook Couples, Fake Pages on Facebook, and Hootsuite Enhancements

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This week’s top 5 stories are headlined by the Petraeus investigation, teaching us first and foremost that no one is safe from hacking. To continue the theme of privacy breaches, there has been a growing concern over the high number of fake Facebook pages and Facebook’s new couples page feature. Hootsuite, too, gets in on the Facebook debates with some interesting upgrades. Read on to find articles and summaries of each story!

1. Hacking General Petraeus, 11/16/12

Joe Nocera at the New York Times weighs on what the privacy concerns around the General Petraeus investigation means for us as more details on the story come to light. He recaps how the FBI seized computers and hacked into private e-mails to make sure they had all the data they’d need for the continuing investigation.

2. Facebook’s False Faces Undermine Its Credibility, 11/13/12

Fake pages and profiles are a growing problem across social networks. The New York Times cites an instance where Gaston Memorial Hospital had to do some major PR to direct people away from a fake Facebook page of the hospital posting controversial rants. Some companies use it to beef up “likes.” Other companies have someone weed out fake “likes” It’s a very interesting overview on the effects of this growing problem.

3. Facebook Couples: Your Relationships as Curated by Algorithm, 11/15/12

Facebook Couples Page

Michelle Stinson Ross at Search Engine Journal discusses the privacy concerns around the Facebook Couples feature. This couples page is an extension of the friendship pages that have been around for the last two years.  On the surface, a page dedicated to the timeline of a long-term relationship, especially for married couples, might be a feature that some Facebook users would like. However, the page is not created by the users; it is created by the Facebook programming.  Users do not have any control over the existence of the page or any direct control over the content that appears on it.

4. Facebook Launches New Social Jobs App with 1.7 Million Listings, 11/14/12

Last week, Facebook also made headlines by launching a Social Jobs Partnership app with approval from the U.S. Department of Labor and a number of other employment organizations launching over 1.7 million listings from Jobvite,, Work4Labs, Direct Employers Association, and Branch Out.

5. HootSuite Adds Demographic Targeting, Other Facebook Features, 11/13/12

Enterprise social media management solutions provider HootSuite added six new/enhanced Facebook features for its users. Most notable is the ability to perform demographic targeting and messaging for Facebook users. Enterprise clients can now individually target Facebook users by demographic criteria including age, gender, and interests. In addition, Enterprise users can use geofencing to limit the target audience of posts and messages by language and location of the recipients. Also from the HootSuite dashboard, all users can respond to and track private messages sent to Facebook pages, search Facebook, monitor real-time Facebook “likes” and comments, and create Facebook event streams.

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One thought on “Social Media News, Week of 11/19: Petraeus Scandal, Facebook Couples, Fake Pages on Facebook, and Hootsuite Enhancements

  1. dave

    I for one think the Facebook relationship page is really creepy! I didn’t ask for it and as far as I’m aware there’s no way to get rid of it, or opt out?


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