Thursday 21 August 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 2/18: KFC Workers Need More Private Social Media, 2 Exciting Lecture Discussions, and 2 Nifty Infographics

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1 More Facebook fired worker, 2 nifty infographics, and 2 discussions on online privacy highlight our 5 stories summarizing last week’s news in online privacy. Read on to find articles and summaries of each!

1. Boyd discusses youth and privacy online, 2/18/13

“Danah Boyd, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, spoke on conceptions of online privacy, intergenerational interactions and the privacy3sometimes surprising interpretation of Internet content in a lecture on Monday night at Princeton University. The lecture was titled “Privacy, Ethics and Social Media: Understanding What You Think You See,” and was part of the Wilson School’s 2012-13 “Technology and Public Policy” thematic lecture series.

Boyd, who holds appointments at New York University and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, works to understand the way young people use the Internet in social relationships, with a particular focus on social media.”

2. The Rising Influence of Social Media, 2/18/13

Brafton released a nifty infographic highlighting the rising influence of social media marketing and lead generation across all networks. The question remains, how long will it be before they need to update this chart with Sgrouples?

3. KFC Mashed Potatoes Photo: Woman Fired For Sharing Image Of Licking Food 2/20/13

Gross KFC workers even need private social networks if they’d like to keep their jobs. Facebook photos of a KFC employee in Tennessee making out with what appears to be a tub of mashed potatoes molded in the shape of a boob were recently brought to the attention of local CBS affiliate WJHL, which subsequently launched an investigation into their origin.


4. Invasion of the privacy snatchers: How social media monitoring impacts consumer relationships [INFOGRAPHIC] 2/20/13

“Dubbed “social listening” by some industry folks and known as “social media monitoring” by most, the behavior in question is when companies monitor social media for mentions of their products, services or brand online.

This social media listening is of increasing importance for many brands: in a recent Netbase survey and infographic, 42% of companies surveyed are prioritizing “social listening” in 2013.”

5. Even Experts Can’t Agree On The Rules Of Online Privacy 2/20/13

Social Media Week took place across 7 cities around last week and while Sgrouples may not have been present at these places, the topic of social media privacy was and none of the experts on the panel could agree on the rules of online privacy.

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