Wednesday 20 August 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 3/11: Harlem Shake Fired, Fail List 2013, ASU Job Seeker Tips on Social Media Presence, and Statistics on Dwindling Facebook Engagement

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Facebook fired (and Facebook divorced) have become common occurrences, sadly. But have you heard of Harlem Shake fired? In addition to a feature on this social media misshape, the Top 5 stories this week include the worst fails of 2013 so far, keeping your online footprint private at work, employers using social media to screen candidates, and a dwindling Facebook user base engagement. Read on to find articles and summaries of each!

1. Miners fired for Harlem Shake, 3/6/13

Last week, up to 15 miners have reportedly been sacked for performing the internet dance craze the Harlem Shake whilst working underground in an Australian gold mine. A dismissal letter cited by the paper said mine owner Barminco considered the stunt a safety issue. A YouTube video shows eight miners performing the convulsive dance. Shows that Facebook isn’t the only social network that over-sharing can potentially cost one’s job on.

2. The 10 Worst Social Media Fails Of The Year So Far, 3/8/13

Wsocial-media-fail1e are only a couple months into the new year, and there have already been a bevy of social media blunders. Anyone else remember the terribly offensive Tweet insulting 9 -year-old actress Quvenzhane Wallis during the Oscars? Business Insider has an early look at the top 10 social media fails of 2013 so far.

3. Employers Look to Social Media for Resume, 3/7/18

An interesting post in the ASU Herald discusses how ones social media presence is increasingly weighed for job seekers. “The paper resume is dead,” Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer for tech firm Enterasys said in an interview with USA Today. “The Web is your resume. Social networks are your mass references.”

 So what does this mean for students at ASU? For some, it may be as simple as “cleaning up” their Twitter profile or adjusting the privacy settings of their Facebook page. But for others, a full-scale self-representative social media resume may be their ticket to career success.

4. 4 in 10 North American Women on Social Media Decreasing, 3/5/13

In addition to reports of overall Facebook fatigue from the younger demographic, BizReport takes a look at new research released by marketing agency Weber Shandwick, which shows North American women are decreasing their use of social networks; some even stopping altogether.

5. Facebook Admits Likes Are Down For Some Celebrities Posts, But Claims Up 34% For Most, 3/4/13


Facebook confirmed dwindling engagement with public posts to subscribers cited by The New York Times, Nick Bilton, other journalists and Sgrouples. However, the study also notes that public figures with more than 10,000 fans are now getting 34 percent more Likes and comments than a year ago. While Facebook often changes the news feed to improve the user experience, the inconsistency can be irksome.

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