Thursday 24 July 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 7/9: Sgrouples Supports Updated Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Kids using social media

Effective on July 1, the Federal Trade Commission has made changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), originally created in 2000, long before data scraping and other unscrupulous practices became commonplace. Alex Fitzpatrick of Mashable  notes, the changes include the following:

Many modern Internet companies’ business models revolve around the collection of personal data, which is then used to display targeted advertising to users. The old COPPA rules didn’t consider this development, necessitating an update. The refreshed COPPA rules reflect the new social and mobile reality: COPPA now requires owners of websites marketed to children under 13 to obtain parental consent before collecting a broadened range of material, including screen names, files with a child’s image, geolocation data and IP addresses. Additionally, COPPA now applies to mobile app developers and third-party advertisers who may not deal directly with children.”

COPPA has and will continue to be endorsed and adhered to by Sgrouples. We currently do not let children under the age of 13 register at Sgrouples, and we work to protect the safety of young children and people of all ages by not using tracking cookies, geolocation add-ons, or data scraping advertising techniques. Sgrouples is working on a new way to comply with COPPA by installing a parent/guardian verification system that will give us the ability to have families register their underage children at Sgrouples.

Teaching your children to be good digital citizens is built right into the Sgrouples platform. Just create a private family group and enjoy our great service with video, photo, and document sharing along with discussions and event calendars, while setting up careful permissions giving you the authority to approve content, remove members, delete inappropriate content, set group defaults, etc. These “controls” also allow you to appoint each group member’s permission levels. Individual Members can be tabbed as a Contributing Member, Limited Member, or Viewing Member, all of which permit different access and content posting abilities.

For example, simply create a family group and set your kids up with “Limited Member” permissions, and you have the control to review, give feedback on, approve or reject your children’s posts, content, and comments before they are published in the group. This is very useful to help teach younger family members how to be good digital citizens.

Want to learn more about becoming a safe digital citizen while still enjoying the fun of social media networking? Visit our Sgrouples blog and learn how to “Practice Safe Sharing.”

Sgrouples is the true privacy-centric platform that provides its members with a clear and concise “Privacy Bill of Rights” and Privacy Policy as well as continuous company practices to support these. That is because we truly believe in privacy as an individual right in democracy and that technology must support that premise, not erode it further.

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