Thursday 31 July 2014
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Social Media News, Week of 7/15: Sgrouples Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal

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Preeti Upadhyaya of the Silicon Valley Business Journal spotlighted our awesome private social network in her July 11 article entitled “Sgrouples offers social network alternative in wake of NSA/Prism.” In her piece, she reveals how the NSA/Prism scandal has now expanded with new revelations about Microsoft’s collaboration, far more extensive than previously thought.

“If you’re sick of the spying, it might be time to look for alternative services. One Sunnyvale company takes the issue of user privacy very seriously. Sgrouples, which is a play on the word “scruples,” is a “private collaboration platform” that brings together social networking, cloud storage and discussion boards into one website. . .The company has a Privacy Bill of Rights that ensures users own their own content, and promises no spying, tracking or scraping of user information from the website. It offers opt-in advertising models and an upgrade to go ad-free.”

To See the Entire Article, CLICK HERE

Sgrouples CEO Talks Online Privacy on Miami, FL Radio

Mark Weinstein took to the radio waves this week advocating for Sgrouples and online privacy on the broadly listened to WENG 1530AM/107.5FM Morning Magazine radio station in Miami, FL.

The radio interview was a lively and friendly discussion about the changing scope of social media, how private social networking is entering the game, the clash between technology and democracy and the various Sgrouples features (i.e. group permissions, 4GB free cloud storage and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration), along with much more.

Sgrouples is what Forbes calls the next generation of social media,” Weinstein said during the radio interview. “We’ve endeavored to build a great fully-featured service, where you can connect with your real life communities in one place with what we call privacy you trust. Privacy is really what we want to take note of as Americans. . .There are no tracking cookies, and we don’t spy on you. You own your content. . .For Sgrouples it’s the fundamentals of respecting people and respecting their privacy as law abiding citizens.”

To Listen to the Full Interview, CLICK HERE

Why Sgrouples?

Sgrouples is a company of the highest values and principles. The service is designed to simplify your life and give you a truly private place online. We encourage and appreciate your feedback. On nearly every page in your account at Sgrouples you will find permissions and feedback buttons.  We are here to serve you. We enjoy listening to your ideas and concerns.

Sgrouples is the respectful, helpful and fun place on the web!

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