Thursday 31 July 2014
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Should Have Used Sgrouples: #FreeCrunkBear Teacher in Trouble Over Inappropriate Twitter Photos and Comments

23-year-old math teacher, Carly McKinney, in Aurora, Colorado is in hot water over some pictures and comments posted to her public Twitter feed. These include semi-nude photos and jokes about the weed stashed in her car.

She has been put on paid leave, but not everyone is advocating this. Some of her students have been coming to her defense on  Twitter with the hashtag #FreeCrunkBear, claiming she has a right to free speech. Of course, others do note that the illegal possession of marijuana could be a different story.

Carly McKinney

Carly McKinney

Whether or not you think McKinney should be punished, the fact is, this wouldn’t have happened had she been using a private network such as Sgrouples. Sgrouples allows you the freedom to create private groups that can’t see one another. So Mckinney could have a group for her work colleagues, her students, or even their parents, in which she interacts in a professional manner. And then she can keep her more inappropriate posts in the group she has with her friends. The platform allows you to separate your professional and personal lives.

McKinney may have made some no-so-smart decisions, but it’s clear that using Sgrouples could have saved her some trouble. Just another episode in the saga of “Should Have used Sgrouples!”

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