Thursday 21 August 2014
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Should Have Used Sgrouples: Teacher's Job in Jeopardy Over Public Photo

Middle-school teacher, Melissa Cairns.

Middle school teacher, Melissa Cairns.

Good Morning America recently reported that Ohio teacher, Melissa Cairns, is in danger of being fired after posting a picture of her middle school math class with duct tape over their mouths. The Facebook photo’s caption read: “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!”

According to Cairns, it all came about when one of her students needed duct tape to fix her binder. Upon being handed the strip of tape, the student put it over her mouth. The girl’s peers laughed and followed suit before asking Cairns to take a picture.

Principal Sonya Gordon saw to it that the photo was taken down and alerted the parents. Cairns has since been put on unpaid administrative leave and the Akron school board is considering whether or not to fire her. She requested a hearing, which will most likely take place in late February.

Cairn’s view on the subject: “Do I think that this one mistake should cost me the last 10 years of all the good I’ve done? Absolutely not.”

Which brings to light the fact that Cairn’s personal Facebook page was not private. Perhaps she shouldn’t have let the kids play with duct tape, but could her problems have been prevented if the photo were only shared with trusted friends and family and not the entire world? Probably…

Sgrouples offers you the opportunity to make private groups. Post photos to your groups without worrying about them getting to your boss or co-workers.

Yet another episode in the saga of “Should Have used Sgrouples!”

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