Wednesday 30 July 2014
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Weinstein Keynote to Teens: Pursue Your Dreams

Sgrouples CEO Mark Weinstein took the stage last Friday as a keynote speaker at the 2013 Youth Conference entitled “Dream It, Live It” at the San Jose City Hall.

Weinstein spoke to hundreds of teens about living their dreams, protecting their reputations and privacy, while also excerpting important thoughts from his award-winning Habitually Great book series. Weinstein shared his vision about social networking fifteen years ago when he built and and his new creation of the privacy-centric social media site Sgrouples.

The 6th annual Youth Commission intended to motivate and empower teenagers to actively pursue their dreams in business and life, and provided them with an excellent structure for learning how to be engaged in their communities along with giving them access to business and government leaders. Teens of all different backgrounds come to participate in discussions, workshops and debates that have a direct impact on their futures.

Sgrouples CEO Takes Privacy Revolution to the Airwaves

Mark was busy this week advocating for online privacy on two radio programs. On Wednesday, Weinstein chatted with Srini Saripalli for an hour on Tech FM 93.3 about the NSA Prism intrusions and the privacy revolution. It was a lively and friendly conversation, discussing the vast sea of privacy violations in our lives, and how  Sgrouples is the game-changing company for people fed up with data scraping by corporations like Facebook and Google as well as by the government. Saripalli was also interested in Mark’s penmanship, and they discussed Mark’s award-winning book series, Habitually Great.

In another radio broadcast, on Thursday Mark spoke with Gene Shapiro, The Tech Night Owl LIVE. Listen to it here: Mark on the GCN Radio Network.

If you missed his live radio broadcasts, catch him this week, Wednesday, June 26, at 9:30 a.m. ET, on the Miami radio station WENG 1530 AM/107.5 FM with Ken Birdsong. (

Sgrouples CEO Talks Online Privacy at Important Debate

Two weeks ago, we mentioned that Weinstein took part in a milestone debate about individual privacy in this era of big data. The discussion, which is named “What’s the Right Balance of Public and Private in a World of Big Data and Internet Superpowers? ” offered insights on balancing technology and privacy in a world where our lives are chronicled online. 

You can watch the full debate here at:

Join the privacy revolution at Sgrouples today.

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