Wednesday 27 August 2014
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Welcome to the Sgrouples blog

I’m thinking that you are curious…maybe you’re looking for a place online to call home; maybe you want to share privately with the people you really care about; or perhaps you’re fatigued by all the social network hoopla and want a simple all-in-one solution. Well then this site is at your service! I’m Katherine, your Sgrouples blog manager and I’m here to help you just as Sgrouples exists to make your life easier, more effective, and to save you time.

On these pages, you have some very valuable resources. Your first stop might be the “User Guide” with simple steps for getting the most out of your truly private groups of family, friends, co-workers, and more. There are also links to great articles, comments on hot button privacy issues in the online world, and helpful safety tips – plus sneak previews to new Sgrouples features! Everything you want to learn is available with the click of a button.

You are why we are here, and the measure for everything we do starts with the question: What is best for our users, and is it scrupulous? When we were developing this amazing service, we often said to ourselves, “Imagine the Internet with Sgrouples.”  And now guess what? Poof! It exists. :)

So welcome to your Sgrouples. Please enjoy, create an account, and dive in!


Katherine Sullivan, Blog Manager